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NDIS Counselling and Therapy


Live Well HQ offers therapeutic interventions to individuals under the NDIS. The interventions are a short form of therapy that focusses on the client moving towards change and keeps them and the clinician working towards specifically identified goals.
This service supports functional ability including engaging in daily living activities, supporting economic and social life and participating in the community. It is also about offering support to understand relationships and regulating emotions. Richard is happy to assist clients and their families with the whole process starting with completing a service agreement. 
Interventions are billed under line number 15_043_0128_1_3- improved daily living skills- Assessment, recommendation, Therapy or Training - Counsellor.
Note: Live Well HQ is not a registered provider and as such therapeutic interventions are only available currently to individuals who are self or plan managed.

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"You're imperfect and you are wired for struggle,
but you are worthy of love and belonging
- Brene Brown
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